Pacifica Montessori School


Montessori Elementary geometry

Pacifica Montessori School’s elementary program, for children ages 6 through 11, builds on the foundation of the child’s work in the Montessori preschool program, as well as on the developmental changes in the growing child. Elementary-age children have a much greater capacity for abstraction than younger children. They have an insatiable curiosity and prodigious imaginations. They pose a barrage of Why? Questions in order to understand the causes of things they can now experience directly. Thus they become fascinated with concepts such as infinity, microscopic worlds, extinct species, etc. The Montessori elementary program is designed to harness this inherent curiosity for learning achievement.

Another developmental change seen in the elementary-aged child is their increased sociability. Group activities and group norms become matters of great importance to children after age five. It is an ideal age to learn how to successfully work with others. By design Montessori elementary uses the peer group to teach team contribution, fairness, respectful behavior and consideration for others.

Formal subjects in the Montessori elementary program include Math and Geometry, Language and Grammar, History, Earth Sciences, Botany and Biology, and Art. From time to time outside teachers come in to give short-term lessons on subjects such as Chess, Dance, Computer.

The Pacifica Culver City location offers a Montessori elementary program.