Pacifica Montessori School


Parental Involvement

We at Pacifica School believe that the school, the parent, and the child should form a triangle of support and cooperation to best insure the child’s development. This process starts when you schedule the first visit to the school so that you can observe the Montessori classes and have all your questions answered by the administrator. We plan our pre-enrollment visits on a one to one basis, so that you are not herded through with other parents who may not have your same concerns. If you are satisfied with the results of your first visit, you can then schedule another time for you and your child to meet the teacher. If this meeting is positive for both parties, your child will be invited to visit the prospective class at lunchtime to meet his/her classmates. Then an enrollment date is set. After enrollment, the teacher typically contacts the parent a couple of times the first week to report on the child’s “settling in”. Moreover, throughout the year the Montessori teachers stay until 6:15 p.m. on the first Friday of every month. They do this specifically to allow a time to chat with parents who pick up their children late.

Formal parent teacher conferences are scheduled for November and May, at which time you receive a written report on your child’s progress. The pre-school teachers ask, and the school requires, that every parent observe their child's class prior to their November Parent/Teacher conference. Parents and Montessori teachers have found this observation essential to your understanding of your child's progress.

Additionally, parents may observe their children in class at any time they desire during the year.

The administration strives to answer your questions about our policy or program and urges you to call the office with your queries. Regarding matters of your child’s classroom activities or progress, you are asked to call the Montessori teachers. You can also set up a conference at any time through the office. Of course, the school will call you if there is an issue we feel should be brought to your attention.