We’re not just raising kids, we’re raising adults.

“Sending my son Caetano to Pacifica Montessori was one of the best decisions we have ever made. They take the art and science of teaching so seriously. There is so much stability in the teachers. Everyone is extremely dedicated. It’s apparent that teaching is not “just a job” for anyone working there. It’s their passion. Any school can call themselves Montessori, but Pacifica Montessori truly follows the real Montessori methodology. Kids learn at their own pace and gain a love of learning. My son was reading long chapter books by age 5 and LOVING it. They are good about ensuring that everyone follows important rules: arrive on time, help out other children, don’t bring junk food. It’s good to start teaching those habits at an early age because we’re not just raising kids, we’re raising adults.”

-Alejandra Brizuela