6585 Green Valley Circle, Culver City, CA 90230

Pacifica Montessori School

Pacifica Montessori is an independent school in Culver City, CA, serving children from 2 ½ to 6 years of age. We believe in the natural curiosity, drive, and potential of every child. We understand that each child is an individual and that childhood is a time of joy and self-construction through engagement with the world. Beginning in Preschool and progressing through Kindergarten, our students actively discover and master academic work in an environment that equally emphasizes their social development and ability to collaborate.

Our Teachers

Our teachers are trained to bring a sense of order and reason to the students’ world of discovery, which helps them find and use their powers of concentration, effective communication, and self-control. In preparing our students for life, these are the essential qualities they will use to forge their paths in our rapidly changing world.

Our Classrooms

Our classrooms are “prepared environments” that implement Maria Montessori’s method and materials to meet your child’s individual developmental needs. By design, the prepared environment promotes choice, movement, socialization, exploration, and a strong connection with nature.

“At Pacifica, our daughter developed her own sense of self-worth, and she brought that powerful individuality with her to her new environment.”

-Hugh O’Gorman